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Recommendations from the manufacture

Gurney Maintenance and usage procedures:

- When showering or transferring patients in gurney make sure wheels are locked in place.
- When a patient is being transported in gurney make sure side rails are up and all 4 support bars are locked in place to prevent the drop rail from falling down. Drop rails are not designed to hang on them.
    - Standard disinfectants should be used for regular cleaning
    - Fabric back should be hosed down and cleaned on a regular bases. Can be cleaned with diluted bleach.
    - Fabric back should be positioned fully upright to give client support. Dont allow fabric to be pushed down
    - All joints of shower gurney should be checked on a regular bases to make sure that the pipe and fittings are secured.
    - If any pvc pipe/joint is loose use 3/4" stainless steel screws to secure.

Important Note: Each gurney must eventually be replaced. These gurneys are not designed to last forever. It is the discretion of the home to decide this, but gurneys cannot be used if they are not in good working order.

Caster Maintenance:
The casters we have provided are designed to be maintenance free. The ball bearings are stainless, and the manufacture states that no additional grease should be applied. The only suggestions we have are to remove the nut and take out the axle. This will enable you to take all of the hair out of the wheel that has built up over time. If casters are rusted they need to be replaced ASAP to avoid an unsafe situation.

Thank you,
Travis Magnuson, GM
Proudly Made in the USA
Proudly Made in the USA