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Recommendations from the manufacture

Commodes Maintenance:
- Standard disinfectants should be used for regular cleaning
- Vacuum seat should be removed from chair and cleaned with a standard disinfectant
- Fabric back should be hosed down and cleaned on a regular bases. Can be cleaned with bleach.
- All joints of shower chair should be checked on a regular bases to make sure that the pipe and fittings are secured.
- If any pvc pipe/joint is loose use 3/4"L #10 stainless steel screws to secure each joint that is visually inspected.
- Be sure to install the manufacture supplied screws in a position that wont hurt and end user, on the underside of the connector fitting.

Important Note: Each commode has a warranty period of one year of the purchase date.

Belt Installation:
Male/female connectors attach around back post frame. Connect male and female around each back post . The second male/female connectors should connect in the front. Tighten belt where and when necessary.

Caster Maintenance:
The casters we have provided are designed to be maintenance free. The ball bearings are stainless, and the manufacture states that no additional grease should be applied. If the casters are showing signs of rust, the casters must be replaced from the manufacture.

User Guide Recommendation:
There should always be a caregiver present behind the chair in any transfer or showering of the patient. This will prevent any type of accident if the patient makes any sudden movements that would not be expected.

If you have any questions please contact the General Manager at 800-987-3577!

Proudly Made in the USA
Proudly Made in the USA